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Experience the power of Vedic Astrology with our Soft Copy Kundli. This digital astrological chart is a gateway to understanding your life's journey. It provides accurate predictions for future events and equips you with insights to make informed decisions. With instant delivery to your email, it's accessible whenever and wherever you need it. Take a step towards self-discovery and confidently navigate your path with our Soft Copy Kundli.

Introducing our Hard Copy Kundli, a timeless and exquisite astrological keepsake. Meticulously crafted, it's a physical manifestation of your unique cosmic journey based on Vedic Astrology. Printed on high-quality paper and delivered securely to your doorstep, it's more than just a chart; it's a work of art. Display it proudly in your home, or share it as a meaningful gift with loved ones. Embrace the wisdom of the stars in a tangible form with our Hard Copy Kundli.

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Premium Features Of Your Personal Horoscope

Personalised Horoscope

Your birth chart reflects the exact snapshot of the planets positioned at the time of your birth which rules major aspects of your life. Know what are the best possibilities coming your way in the near future.

Horoscope Charts

Know about your Ascendent Chart, Navmansha Chart & Moon Chart in detail for most accurate predictions.

Dasha Analysis

Planets are continuously changing its positions which impacts your life majorly. Know about the current & upcoming dasha which will help you find the direction of your life in coming years.

Manglik & Kaal Sarp Analysis

Manglik & Kaal Sarp Yoga are most hyped yogas in any horoscope. Check if your horoscope is effected from it or you have an extra advantage in life.

Impact of Planets & Houses

Each birth chart has nine planets that show different effects on your life when placed in 12 different houses of your birth chart. Know which combination of house & planet is helping you and what needs to be treated.

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